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Who's the other guy?

In some of my albums, like here or here, i mention my photo buddy. We met during university, which is quite a few year ago by now in which we kept close contact. Okay it's quite easy if you live door on door with each others and the girlfriends know each other quite well too - but that's another story.

We started the photo tours around two years ago and we definitely want to keep that up - but who knows what the future brings? So, why am I telling you this? He made also some great pictures and he's now also showing them online on his homepage -->

There are some wonderful pictures which are definitely worth a glimpse or too

  • Photografieren auf dem Wasser

    In diesem Beitrag habe ich einige Gedanken zur Photografie auf dem Wasser und vorallem beim Segeln zusammengefasst...

    Upcoming New Content

    As you can belive I'd really like to upload more content from more vacations and more awesome places, but with only so many vacation weeks a year unfortunately I can't. Luckily the next vacation is coming soon. We are going to Greece for some sailing the…